We work to bring delicious food to Williamsburg for a reasonable price. By working within the system of food production, and investing in technology that enhances our capability to preserve food, LOKAL is balancing the needs of a successful business, with meeting the needs of our customers, while compensating our farmers appropriately.

There are many products that cannot be grown or produced locally.  Whenever that is the case, we focus on finding the healthiest ones.  Our goal is to use organic whenever is possible, like fresh mangoes and bananas. If we cannot find the taste or the quality, we won’t have it on the menu.


Taste local Vegetables, Fruit and Grains


Working with local farmers has many rewards. By knowing their farms, their crops and how the seasons affect them, LOKAL becomes not only a buyer for their products, but we also become their partner.  When a farmer thinks about what crops to grow, they consider what their soil and environment grows well and with good yield, as well as the potential market for each product. No farm can afford to grow something that will not be sold.  For a small farmer, maximizing the number of products sold and minimizing the products wasted is the only way for them to make enough money to keep the farm profitable. 

In the beginning of every year, LOKAL bounces ideas on what we would like to promote. We always have a standard need for the  vegetables and fruit we will use in our soups and salads. Then we go to the farmer and specify what we will use during the year and how much we need. Additionally, we don’t need beautiful, market ready products. So for many farmers, they can optimize what they grow for us because we welcome imperfect tasty ingredients.

We love our blemished vegetables and fruit!  We want healthy nutritious food, not food that wins beauty contests on a supermarket shelf. Our farmers make more money selling their unblemished fruit in the farmer’s markets around Hampton Roads, but have a hard time to sell their “B” grade products. LOKAL is very good at cleaning this fruit and getting it ready for use or preservation.

This place is amazing! Local, fresh, and vegan! The vegan sandwich is delicious, they have smoothies and home made gelato too. I found a new local spot! The basement is also a lounge so you can eat there.



Locally Sourced Coffee and Teas from small farmers Around the Globe

Coffee and teas are not local products for Williamsburg. However, there are expert coffee roasters and tea masters within 10 miles of LOKAL. We work with these experts to identify coffees and teas from small farmers from around the world.  We look forward to sharing these unique cups with you.