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delicious, HEAlthful food

In the Heart of Colonial Williamsburg



LOKAL is a new concept in healthy vegan and vegetarian dining in Williamsburg Virginia. We work with local farmers to get the freshest products while they are in season, and preserve them to use when they’re not. So you can enjoy local grains, fruits and vegetables in our sandwiches, smoothies, desserts, salads, and soups.

The Shop



Discover new flavors with our Tastings and Cooking Classes. Meet new people at our Conversation Dinners. Let your kid's imagination flow into our blackboard, while you treat yourself.


We love to bring people together. From stimulating tastings, to informative cooking classes, or perhaps insightful conversation dinners. Come to relax, study or experience a culinary revelation. Whatever tickles your fancy, we are here for you.


Unwine. Entertaining your kids can be a tricky business at the best of times. At Lokal we have a glass a wine and a few snacks waiting for you, while your kids play on our gigantic chalkboard. So whenever you need little break from that tough Monday, stop by our shop because we have just what you, and your kids, need.

Wild Fermentation Classes. Immerse yourself into a culinary exploration of vegan and vegetarian foods. Every other Saturday, we share the challenges and tricks to make sourdough bread, kombucha, tea or liquor, among others delicious healthy foods.


Conversation Dinners. We know is not always easy meeting new people and stretch our comfort zone. Hence, every once in a while, we will welcome you to a gastronomical experience that can only be enhanced by letting your mind to be tickled, exercised and expanded by the people you talk to. We will take care of the questions menu. Take risks in what you are willing to share. Say things you have never said before. Listen with compassion and an open mind.

Wine Tastings. Every other Saturday we invite Wine Club members and non-members to share our enthusiasm for organic wines and try our vegan and vegetarian foods. Lokal Wine Club members get up to 30% discount off of retail prices on the purchase of a case and mixed cases.

Vegetarian Brunch. There is no better way to end the week with our Vegetarian Brunch on Sunday. Full of your favorite vegan and vegetarian foods. Choose your three course brunch for the best and wholesome brunch experience.






Lokal Studio is a community space in the heart of Williamsburg. Use it for your mental and yoga practice. We have  classes on Hatha, Ashtanga, Candlelight Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Heartfulness Meditation, Healing Sounds and Heart Rhythm.



Do you enjoy Ball Room dancing? Do you prefer Salsa or Swing? Whatever you are into you, we have it. Easy to digest instruction and lively fun, so you'll feel not only confident getting out on the dance floor, but ready and able to conquer it altogether.



Rehearse with your cast members, hold a seminar or a special screening. Plan a business meeting or a team building exercise. Lokal Studio is a space that hold 25 people and has full audio-visual capabilities.