Organic Sprouted Sourdough Bread

Organic Sprouted Sourdough Bread


LOKAL's organic, sprouted sourdough bread is by special order throughout the year.  Super Sprout whole grain flour by Lindley Mills is especially good for those who are non-celiac sensitive to gluten, reducing carbohydrates in their diet, and those with gastrointestinal issues.  Please order the number of loaves for delivery on either the following Wednesday or Saturday.

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Organic, Sprouted, Sourdough Bread

Super Sprout™

What is Super Sprout™?

Super Sprout™ is a unique optimally-sprouted whole grain wheat flour for baking. Super Sprout™ consists exclusively and entirely of the intact source whole grain wheat, and is derived solely from clean, sound, post-harvest wheat and potable water. We sprout and mill the wheat into a silky-fine, shelf-stable sprouted whole grain wheat flour with enhanced nutrition, and a well-rounded clean wheat taste. Super Sprout™ differs from refined white and whole wheat flours through its deeper, smoother flavor, higher water absorption, tender longer-lasting softness, and enhanced nutrition.

Benefits of Super Sprout™ 

Sprouting greatly enhances the nutrition and digestibility of wheat. The body handles sprouted wheat similarly to the way it would intake and digest a vegetable. Our unique, proprietary process for sprouting Super Sprout™ jump-starts digestion and provides a far superior nutritional value for your body compared to other flours, making it a preferred option for health-conscious home and artisan bakers, including individuals with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues.