What is a Conversation Dinner?

Something magical happens when a group of strangers, with none of the preconceptions of friends or acquaintances, engage in frank and meaningful conversations to share and expand perspectives. We wish to invite you to our monthly Conversation Dinners. This three course meal will be taken place in the Lokal Lounge, where you’ll be seated with other people you probably might have never met.

Each table is provided with questions for discussion. The rules are simple. Each person chooses a question, and when you have finished discussing it with the table, another person chooses another selected topic, and on it goes. These stimulating, thought-provoking topics can range from ambition to idleness, success to failure, friendship to isolation, joy to fear. With questions like “Why do you think there are so many religions in the world?”, or “How do you deal with doubt?” to “What’s something about you that no one knows? and “What is your perfect combination of pizza toppings?”. You might be amazed by how animated and memorable these events become. Want to join us?

Check out our Events page and reserve your spot for the next conversation dinner.

liz sousa