The anticipation of Spring...

Farm on the York

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.

Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Lakota leader of the First Nations People

The end of winter is recognized in many ways.   For most people, it is a change in wardrobe.  For our farmers, it is the end of cold days in the barn fixing equipment or ogling seed catalogs in front of the fire.  There is now a bustle of activity to get seeds into soil, attend to the needs of trees, support their animals in bringing new lives into the world and anxiety over the weather.  As we have seen this week, even after Easter the threat of freeze and snow exists.

At LOKAL we are finishing up our own winter work and preparing for Spring.   The last of the frost sweetened greens need to be purchased from KelRae Farm, pressure cooked, and frozen.  Planning discussions with farmers are underway for what they will plant and we will purchase.  A new menu is being finalized and the last steps in the renovations of the kitchen and LOKAL Lounge are underway.  We are adding more gluten free and vegan breakfast items.  Our locally sourced menu will expand and a new evening menu for appetizers will be launched. 

Equally reflective of Spring and the anticipation of warmer weather, our next two, bi-weekly wine tastings present Interesting White Wines and Pretty Pinks.  Continuing our focus on low sulfite, natural wines, we are working with our distributors to have some unique wines that reflect LOKAL's healthful focus.  As we have in the past, wine tastings cost $10.00 which is refunded if you purchase wine.  Customers are already enjoying the benefits of the LOKAL Wine Club saving up to 40% on the usual retail price.  Click here to learn more about the tastings and to sign up to save $2.00 off the tasting price.  Want the ultimate in end of the week relaxation?  Combine the wine tasting with an awesome Candlelight Yin Yoga class with Sydney at 5:00pm

New growth is not only in farm fields.  Why not sow some seeds of new learning at one of our Wild Ferment classes.  We are offering three this spring (so far) and have added a new class on making liqueurs and vermouth (flavored alcohol and wine).   Click here for the Wild Ferment schedule

And lastly we are kicking off our LOKAL Lounge music events with our first HOMEGROWN evening on April 26th.   Click here for more details.