Local Honey at LOKAL

We look forward to out honey from Joe Underwood each year.  His hives are located off Centerville Road and in a few backyards in and near Williamsburg, so it is really local.  If you talk to other bee keepers they will say that honey within 200 miles is local.  If you talk to a Master Gardner in Williamsburg they will tell you that the plants and flowers in Williamsburg can differ from  those 20 miles north or 20 miles south.  We are in a split hardiness zone between 7b and 8a. which can lead to different plants thriving in Williamsburg that do not thrive north or south of us.  So for us, the more local the better. 

The winter of 2017/2018 was hard on bees.  In speaking with many beekeepers this spring and summer they all lost hives.  It was estimated that 60% of the bees perished in Virginia due to weather and sickness.  With the cool weather this spring and the delayed blooming there was a delay in the food sources the bees needed to restart.

We use Joe's honey directly on toast or in smoothies.   We never heat honey(for those who want honey for their tea we have organic honey from Costco) because it destroys the healthy enzymes  that your body uses to break down sugars.  Also, heating honey destroys the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that make honey such a wonder food.

If you are interested in bee keeping or honey in general you can contact Colonial Beekeepers Association by clicking here.

We are selling one pound bottles for $16 at LOKAL.