Natural Wine

LOKAL offers wine without added sugar, alcohol, coloring agents, or chemicals.


Wine is made in the vineyard...

Good grapes make good wine is an adage you hear often.  Unfortunately, most wines selling for less than $25.00 can be made without the best grapes available.

Saetti - no sulfur no additives side of van.JPG

Without additives...

LOKAL looks for wines that are made with organic or biodynamic grapes.  This means no pesticides or herbicides (RoundUp.); which ends up in most wine.  Natural wines also have no "Mega Purple" , adjusted alcohol , adjusted acidity, or any other addition that is not needed by the wine to express it's true potential.  Wines shouldn't be a result of a science experiment.


From wine makers you haven't heard about yet...

LOKAL seeks out small producers who hand craft their wines and introduce you to their stories to better understand the wines they make and the reasons they make them.